Wednesday, November 16, 2011

mommy duties

It's been some days since my last entry. For the past days my mommy duties are keeping me from spending a lot of time blogging. Ceana is growing so fast that means she is getting active as each day passes and I being a stay at home mom sees ALL her needs-that leaves me drained at the end of the day. My mind is willing but my body is weak! Every night, I always plan of updating my blogs but I always find myself napping in between night feedings(this is one thing I like about breastfeeding!). And before I knew it, it's 4am and I've got just an or so before my princess would wake up...this is my everyday routine :

5am : Ceana wakes up followed by an early morning ritual (poops)-and so I wash her ass this early!
I take my breakfast while feeding her as well at around 6am while glancing on some morning news  and/or morning shows either through UKG  or Unang Hirit

7am : playtime or walker time-this time is training time since I am teaching her to walk by herself she can do a couple or three steps already!yey!when she gets bored I will take her for a walk a.k.a. "pangangapitbahay" since we live in a compound I would usually bring her anywhere within the compound for a refresher until she gets bored again,haha

8am : next feeding starts and she will take her first nap-she is like an alarm clock you will know what the time is because of her actions-she will cry endless unless she gets fed and then falls asleep

9am : bath time then playtime, usually when Daddy is already at home Skype video starts this early and (sometimes if I am lucky she naps for some 30minutes or so before she takes her lunch at 11am...)

11am : lunch time (Daddy still on Skype!)-playtime after

1pm : 2nd nap for the day (sometimes I get to update blogs or view my Facebook/Twitter); but most of the time especially lately, I also take a nap (I never outsleep Ceana naman!)

3pm : play time, video time, story telling time, etc

5pm : time for wash up preparing for dinner after

6-7pm : all prepared to sleep, we listen to her favorite lullabyes, play, watch Mickey Mouse videos

Now you might be wondering-Where is mommy time?

Well now that explains everything...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

first time in carousel

As promised these are the Ceana's pictures taken during her first carousel ride...

still looking at the camera!
don't worry Mommy's here...
looks like my daughter is hanging on to dear life!
holding on to the cute!

what's that Mommy?
looking back at Lola and Lolo who were frantically waving at her...

The walker experience (at SM Department Store)

first time to try it
looks like she's enjoying it!
looking for MOMMY!!!!
get me out of here!
Mommy please!